Specialty Vehicles and Trailers - Shook Mobile Technology

Shook Mobile Technology Specialty Vehicles are built with USA pride and workmanship. With our vast selection of customized vehicles you will be sure to find the right application for your mobile needs.

We consider all of our customers projects a specialty vehicle or trailer. This is due to Shooks ability to customize every project to our clients needs, thus not one vehicle or trailer is never the alike. With our large production facility and dynamic team of employees our customers vision becomes reality.

Shook can build a wide variety of Specialty vehicles and trailers listed below:

  1. Mobile Pet Adoption Vehicle
  2. Mobile Pet Spay Neuter Vehicle
  3. Mobile Data Acquisition / Logger Vehicles and Trailers (used in the oil fields)
  4. Military ATV's (All Terrain Vehicles)
  5. Mobile Screen Vehicles and Trailers
  6. Mobile Medical Units, Vehicles and Trailers
  7. Mobile Command Post, Vehicles and Trailers
  8. Military Vehicles and Trailers
  9. Cargo X-Ray Vehicles and Trailers
  10. Mobile Information Vehicles and Trailers
  11. Mobile Concession Vehicle and Trailers
  12. COW (Cell Sites on Wheels)
  13. Mobile Office Trailers

These are just the few of the Specialty Vehicles and Trailers that have been built by Shook. If you have a certain project or concept of a specialty vehicle please contact us to see if we can help.

  • 5th Wheel C.O.W.

  • Jumbotron

  • First Responders

  • ATV

  • Mobile Sanitation

  • Pet/Veterinarian

  • Support Trailers

  • STV-2600


  • MCT

  • pCom Trailer

  • Decontamination Trailer