X-Ray Vehicles / Units - Homeland security vehicles

Shook Mobile Technology X-Ray vehicles are built with USA pride and workmanship. With our vast selection of X-Ray Vehicles you will be sure to find the right application for your broadcasting needs. Please browse the selections below for your specific application. If you don't find what your looking for please contact us to discuss a custom application design or a redesign of a vehicle below.

Shook built mobile X-ray vehicles are specifically designed as rugged high technology electronics support platforms. All Shook built housings are designed to provide a minimum of 10 years of service. Several of the key "Advantages" that separate Shook built units from our competitors are listed below for your review.

Aircraft type, hard buck riveted side wall construction that is far stronger than the construction techniques used by other body builders. Our housing insulation is a hard packed fiberglass product that eliminates electronic equipment contact point corrosion caused by percolation of acid fumes from expanded foam insulation systems. In addition the entrance doors to our unit are custom designed and manufactured to provide thousands of open/close cycles. Door hinges are full length stainless steel piano hinge design.

All shook built housing utilize a modular design and are capable of being transferred to new chassis should the original chassis ever be damaged in a security incident or accident.

Shook pays special attention to the air-conditioning, heating, lighting and power distribution requirements of our domestic and international clients. Shook uses high quality air conditioning systems, UL approved AC wiring, seal-tight cable conduit and commercial electrical breakers.

Shook provides an innovative “Hot Gas By-Pass” design for our air conditioning system which allows the compressor to run full time. This better balances the total load on the generator by eliminating “Locked-Rotor” current surges that create voltage spikes that can damage sensitive electronic equipment. This Shook "Advantage" can increase the overall life of expensive electronic hardware, X-ray tubes and other critical components which saves the client downtime due to equipment failures. In addition, our HVAC system will hold up well in severe environmental conditions and temperature extremes, while providing superior client comfort and equipment cooling.

Shook provides a three (3) year structural warranty on the Shook built housing against defects in material and workmanship. This makes the Shook vehicle warranty the longest and most comprehensive customer protection package in our industry. This Shook "Advantage" increases the overall resale and loan value of Shook built vehicles.

Shook builds only high technology electronic vehicles. Accordingly we have over 200 cumulative years of experience working with commercial electronic equipment clients, Government agencies including NASA and the DOD. It is important to note, that design techniques used in building electronic equipment platforms are far different than those used in building ambulances, medical coaches, or freight hauling trailers. Our over three decades of electronics industry know-how is a significant Shook “Advantage".

  • AX12T X-Ray

  • AX14 X-Ray

  • CX2500 X-Ray

  • MXR 4500 X-Ray