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In today’s world of unfortunate criminal activities and unpredictable, catastrophic natural disasters, a mobile command center vehicle plays many vital roles. First of all, mobile command units are dispatched to a scene of emergency to act as a centralized hub for communications and relay information back to specific location (main head quarters). This communication transmission can be in the form of voice, video, data or all the above, in real time. A mobile command vehicle may also act as a temporary mobile 911 communications hub if an emergency communications site goes down due to a natural disaster such as a hurricane or earthquake. Moreover, a mobile command vehicle can entail a broad range of equipment to provide services for its specific purpose.

Design and Construction - To begin with, the mobile command vehicle or trailer needs to have an efficient and effective floor plan based on the customer’s needs and requirements. This floor plan may include racks for equipment, conference room, operator area, bathrooms and even a kitchen. For, those needing more space, Shook can build retractable, expanding sides to the command vehicle or trailer. In a hostile and chaotic environment, a good floor plan layout is very important in tight spaces so that every operator can optimally perform their duties.

Communications - The majority of all mobile command vehicles will have a form of radio communications that can be transmitted via satellite, wireless data/telephony services, or a hardwire connection that will come in through an I/O (input / output) panel. Another optional integration will be a mini VOIP (voice over internet protocol) system that can connect to remote locations to act as one system. This type of system will allow both voice and data to coexist over a LAN (local area network). This network infrastructure will allow all IP driving devices to talk with one another (which is today’s digital world, just about everything). At Shook, we can help you determine the best and most effective method(s) for your communication and data needs.

Mast and camera systems - Masts are telescopic units that are typically mounted on the exterior of the mobile command vehicles or trailers. Mounted at the top of these masts is some type of pan/tilt camera system. Customers will have many camera options based on their needs which can range from a typical pan/tilt/zoom camera all the way to a self tracking thermal imaging unit.

The above descriptions are the barebones minimum that will go into a mobile command vehicle to make it functional. Every customer will have specific needs and wants when in the design and build phase of the project. Thus, many changes will occur as the project progresses through its stages. If a mobile command vehicle, mobile post, bomb squad or command trailer is in need or just need to acquire information and pricing please Contact Shook Mobile Technology to see what we can do for you.

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