Past Projects & Deliveries - Shook Mobile Technology!

  • Pneumatic Tower Trailer

    Pneumatic 100' Tower Trailer

  • Chitos - Food Truck

    Chitos - Food Truck

  • Smoke Trailer

    Smoke Trailer - Used for military training exercises

  • Virginia Tech - Food Trucks

    Virginia Tech - Food Trucks

  • OSU - Food Truck

    Oklahoma State University - Food Truck

  • Fugro Roadware  - Road Analyzer

    Fugro Roadware - Road Analyzer

  • AT&T - pCom Satellite Communications Trailer

    AT&T - pCom Satellite Communications Trailer

  • Zodiac Data Systems - Air Transportable Satellite Trailer

    Zodiac Data Systems - Custom Upfitted Van with an air transportable satellite trailer

  • AXS - Mobile Production Trailer

    AXS - Mobile Production Trailer built with a large expanding wall

  • C-SPan Mobile Production Truck

    C-Span - Mobile Production Uplink Truck

  • LISD Mobile Production Truck

    Lubbock ISD - Mobile Production Truck

  • Pentagon - Production Truck

    Mobile Production Truck built for Army TV

  • Mobile Production Truck

    Televital - 30' Mobile Production Truck

  • Shook Built Mobile Broadcast Step Van. This step van can also be built up as a mobile command vehicle.

  • Mobile Emergency Decontamination Trailer

  • 30' Television production truck with expanding side, built on a Freightliner M2 chassis for the University of Western Kentucky.

  • Rugged 20' trailer built for military training purposes

  • Comtelsat - Custom built EFP (Electronic Field Production) van on a VW Crafter series van

  • Univision - Mobile Broadcast Satellite Uplink Van

  • Solid State Logic (SSL) - The SSL Broadcast Equipment Demonstration Vehicle is a custom designed mobile production facility which is able to handle a broad range of an on-air audio productions. Click on the image for more details.

  • San Antonio Police Department Mobile Command Vehicle

  • San Antonio Police Department Bomb squad Vehicle

  • Information KIOSK

  • Double Expando - Mobile Communications / Learning Center - Large trailer outfitted for military usage and training.

  • Signal Relay Trailer - Used to relay a encrypted signal from a source to a destination