Specialty Vehicles - pCom XL - Communications Trailer

"Exclusively" built for Squire Tech Solutions, the 2013 pCom® XL provides an immediately deployable, self contained trailer with power generator, lighting and communications infrastructure where you need it. This system is fully functional in 5 minutes!

Emergency response and field operations requires infrastructure designed to solve the problems that come with the unknown. The comprehensive and flexible design of the pCom® offers an environment to operate vital communications equipment and services to IT and Incident Operations Management personnel.

pCom’s electronics bays are built for rugged environments with needs for humidity, water intrusion, heat, cool, and air-born particulate filtration management. The pCom’s® on-board 9,000 – 25,000 watt ultra quiet clean power generation system options, provides for site power, core communications equipment and powerful scene lighting . Up to 2 weeks of service is provided by the “hot refuelable” 93 gallon internal diesel tank. An auto-acquire satellite when combined with a 30 foot (up to 50 foot) internally cabled tower creates the ultimate response trailer. With 42 rack units of environmentally controlled rack space, pCom® operators have numerous options for their critical communications equipment. Remote Power Management and Systems Control (IP Network). Whether you run proprietary internal networks or you simple require reliable access to high-speed Internet, phones, radio, video, or broadcast, the pCom® fulfills your critical operations needs

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