MXR 4500 - Mobile Cargo X-Ray Vehicle

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  • X-Ray Scan Image

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The MXR 4500 x-ray vehicle is a fully self-contained mobile x-ray truck specially designed for inspection of vehicles, tractor trailers and shipping containers. Built on a custom designed, extra heavy duty, commercial diesel truck chassis the MXR 4500 x-ray vehicle provides separate equipment and operations areas, sized for efficient operations and operator comfort. In addition to available shore power, an engine-driven onboard generator system provides adequate operating power for the vehicle, its environmental control systems and the x-ray production hardware.

The MXR 4500 x-ray vehicle incorporates a precision controlled Hydraulic Motor Drive system that enables the operator to select from three different scanning speeds, depending on what is being inspected. Additionally, the drive has a high speed taxi setting that is useful for repositioning the vehicle quickly. A custom built articulating boom arm system allows easy deployment of the x-ray detectors for scanning while providing safe and convenient stowage during over the road travel. The MXR 4500 x-ray vehicle is capable of being driven at legal highway speeds during travel to remote scanning locations.

The vehicles’ design affords proper weight distribution for excellent over the road handling and durability.