Military Vehicles - Ft. Bliss MSIV with Shooks 240-AT

MSIV (Mobile Instrumentation Support Van)

Diesel vans included 4X4 upfit, a chassis integrated 12 Kw PTO driven generator system and a raised roof with an integral roll bar designed for operator safety.

These vans are the first to incorporate a new chassis integrated generator system that reduces vehicle weight and eliminates the loss of space associated with a generator mounted in the cargo area.

This 240AT 2.4m Ku-C-band air transportable uplink trailer was designed and built for high speed data transmission.

The 240AT is field convertible to either Ku Band or C-band operation by simply changing a plug in feed platform that is carried on board. Engineered to fit in a standard A2 air transportable cargo container.

The 240AT can be shipped anywhere in the world that a commercial C-130 or 727 style aircraft can operate.

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