Broadcast Truck - A-16 EFP (Electronic Field Production) Vehicle

A-16 EFP

Designed around a GMC "C" series chassis (domestic version), this completely self contained, self powered vehicle can accommodate as many as 5 cameras and a full complement of audio and video equipment, and still fall under the weight limitation of a CDL. This unit is designed to work as wither and Electronic Field Production (EFP) unit or as control facilities for interior studio productions in one compact and efficient package.

The A-16 EFP is the only vehicle in it's class (4.9 meter, 192 inch production area) that incorporates a commercial air-conditioning unit using Shook's hot gas by-pass system (compressor that runs continuously avoiding power surges caused by compressor cycling). This system provides positive pressure forced air to the equipment racks, keeping both the operators and equipment cool and confortable. The production area takes advantage of all available space, providing up to 360 rack units while still affording the operators the most comfort and ease of operation.

All Shook production trucks can be delivered fully equipped and tested with the electronic equipment of your choice or delivered rack ready for you to provide and install your own equipment.

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